Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clean Workspaces


Designer, writer, photographer or anybody else, we all have our workspaces. We have just one question for you. Is your workplace this clean?

by blupics

by mansbro

by Chez Larsson

by Jasmin

by Meg McElwee

by Barb McMahon

by Travis Isaacs

by Accolady

by Daniel Marschman

by Jim Whimpey

by Kaja Thrastar

by Mary Early

by Kelly

Bathroom Design Ideas - 2


Here is our Set 2 of great Bathrooms:

by Diego Reales

by Erniez

by Humberto Ferreira

by Oskar

by Diego Reales

by Jane

by Diego Reales

by Sarah Goodwin

by Semsa Bilge

by Nelson Liaw

by Dennis

by Rostyslaw Kudlak

Monday, August 25, 2008

Japanese Interior Design - 1


Into Japanese style design? Here are some great designs to turn you on...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kitchen Design Ideas - 1


by d05interiors

by Caio

by Tormod Noreng

by Andrey

by Semsa

by Dudi

by Patrick

by Semsa

by Accodeum

by Hong Phi Le

by Baseem Hassan

by Cheng Chun Min

by Jay

by sotsum